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Wild Places to Explore - Choice of English or Welsh version

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A choice of English or Welsh

The new guide to some of the most special places for wildlife in North Wales. The book includes the North Wales Wildlife Trust's 36 nature reserves. These reserves are some of the best examples of semi- natural habitats in the areas, providing protection for rare species and places for people to enjoy wildlife.

The book also aims to help you get the most out of visiting NWWT reserves and coastal wildlife hotspots.

Llefydd gwyllt i'w darganfod - Fersiwn Cymraeg

Nod y llyfr yma yw eich helpu chi i fanteisio i'r eithaf ar eich ymweliad a'n gwarchodfeydd natur a'n llecynnau arfordirol arbennig ni i fywyd gwyllt.


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