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Waterhaul Fitzroy Navy sunglasses - grey polarised lens

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Our Fitzroy sunglasses model is made from recycled trawl nets and lines and is paired with our Mineral Glass+ lenses, offering complete sustainability and full UVA/UVB 400 protection. The rectangular unisex frame suits a broad range of face sizes.

Cases are included free with each pair of ordered sunglasses.



Optical Quality 

    ABBE VALUE: 59 vs. 32 for conventional plastic lenses

    Mineral glass has by far the greatest optical clarity of all lens materials. There’s a reason why photographers use glass lenses: plastic mediums disperse and distort light. The optical clarity of a glasses lens is measured with an Abbe value, with lower numbers representing greater dispersion and unwanted chromatic aberration.


    RECYCLABILITY: INFINITE vs. plastic lenses not currently recycled

    Glass is infinitely recyclable and is widely recycled. In comparison plastic, optical lenses are made from virgin plastics, aren’t domestically recyclable and also produce microplastic when cut to shape. 


    REFLECTION FACTOR: 1.47% vs. 8.6% for un-coated plastic lenses

    All of our lenses are equipped with an industry-leading anti-reflection coating on the inner surface of the lens, which eliminates distracting light reflections from light entering from behind the lens.

    Scratch Resistance

    MOHS HARDNESS VALUE: 6.8 vs. 2.9 for conventional plastic lenses

    Chemically-hardened glass is more scratch resistant than any other form of lens by a huge margin. Waterhaul Mineral Glass+ lenses are designed to withstand the elements of sand and salt which come with adventure and to deliver lasting performance.


    We strive to ensure that all our products are ethically sourced. Ethical sourcing focuses on human rights, environmental impact and social impact. It involves making sure that employees are paid a fair wage; their working conditions are safe and clean; and all social and environmental aspects of production are considered. No products that we sell are tested on animals.