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Tree t-shirt - Mens

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Experience the magic of nature with the Tree T-shirt by North Wales Wildlife Trust. We wanted to show our support for trees as they are indispensable for our existence, acting as the planet's lungs, purifying the air we breathe, mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, and providing natural cooling and shade. Crafted from certified organic cotton in an ethically accredited wind-powered factory, this t-shirt embodies our commitment to sustainable fashion. Order by 1pm today and enjoy fast delivery with Priority shipping (UK only), arriving at your doorstep tomorrow. Every order supports our work to protect all wildlife and their habitats for future generations


We strive to ensure that all our products are ethically sourced. Ethical sourcing focuses on human rights, environmental impact and social impact. It involves making sure that employees are paid a fair wage; their working conditions are safe and clean; and all social and environmental aspects of production are considered. No products that we sell are tested on animals.