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Twinkle & Gloom I ❤️ Cormorants

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I ❤️ Cormorants / Rwy'n ❤️ Bilidowcar by local artist Twinkle & Gloom.

Printed on a soft style, burgundy long sleeve T-shirt ethically sourced & vegan.

Single jersey, 100% Organic Ring-spun combed cotton

Inspired by the cormorants of the wetlands and coastal nature reserves of North Wales . Learn more about cormorants in North Wales.

For more on the artist:

Rwy'n ❤️ Mulfrain (Bilidowcar) gan yr arlunydd lleol Twinkle & Gloom

Wedi brintio ar grys T llewis har steil meddal lliw gwil wedi ei greu yn foesegol ac yn feganaidd.

Brethyn jersi sengl, 100% cotwm cribedig organig

Wedi ysbrydoli gan fylfrain (filidowcars) corstir ac arfordiroedd Gogledd Cymru.

Dysgwch fwy am fylfrain yng Ngogledd Cymru :

Am ragor o wybodaeth ung nglyn a'r arlunydd


We strive to ensure that all our products are ethically sourced. Ethical sourcing focuses on human rights, environmental impact and social impact. It involves making sure that employees are paid a fair wage; their working conditions are safe and clean; and all social and environmental aspects of production are considered. No products that we sell are tested on animals.