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The FSC Orchids identification guide features 69 species, subspecies and hybrids of orchids.

Beautiful colour illustrations show the key identification features of each plant, including flowers, leaves and stems. Illustrated identification keys on the reverse side highlight the main diagnostic characters. For each species there is background information on distribution, habitats, statutory Conservation Designations and statutory Rarity Designations.

The scientific names of orchids have changed greatly over time, however, the names used in this guide are fully up to date. Forms described here as subspecies may appear in other accounts as species or as varieties. Likewise single species here may include two or more species as described by other authors. Two common names have been generated where none existed previously. Hybrids between species occur, sometimes the two species are in different genera. Their features are usually intermediate between their parents.

This key is applicable to Great Britain, Channel Isles and Ireland. Orchids may have both a Conservation Designation (applying to Great Britain) and a Rarity Designation (applying to Great Britain and the Isle of Man). The Biodiversity Designation applies to Great Britain, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.


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