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Flora & Fauna part 1 by John Arnold

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This is one of a series of stories about the great Orme goats in Llandudno. On 31 March 2020, a group of 122 Kashmiri goats captured the world’s attention on social media and television, and from the United States of America to Australia, when they came down off the mountain and into the streets of Llandudno, eating all the shrubs and plants in people’s gardens. Some of the homeowners and businesses moved them on, but most people let them be and filmed or photographed them.

The world press was in attendance on 14 September 2021 during a five-hour rescue mission by the RSPCA, coastguards and Conwy council trying to rescue 15 stranded goats from Austin’s rock, but unfortunately, one was killed.

On 8 February 2022 police were called to an incident when fighting Kashmiri goats locked horns in an Asda car park causing chaos and gridlock.

Sometimes the goats disrupted traffic wherever they went, but fair play to the motorists, they gave the goats a wide berth as they roamed the streets in search of food.

Because of the pandemic and the lack of people and holidaymakers, they knew they would be safe.

Even now, in 2022, people from all over the world are still coming to Llandudno especially to see the goats.


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